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For the TAGMSC, were you looking for review of the shaving soap, or the aftershave balm?

For The Gentlman's Quarter (Colleen), did you want a review of her bath soap, shaving soap, or shaving cream -- any specific scent?

Anything I can use for the shave. I keep a list of all the things I want from each seller and here's what I have for my first orders from each:

8oz aftershave
shave soap(x5)

From the web page I got the impression that the AS and soap comes in only one scent. Samples are bath soaps for sister as I needed something to make shipping reasonable. Any suggestions for shaving-related items would be appreciated.

Cavendish Black
Lime Margarita
Gentlemen's Oak & Moss
Sandalwood & Vanilla
Savon de Comte

All soaps but that is solely due to my buying wayyy too many Anchor Hocking jars. A review of the creams would be just as welcome.

old Lady Gillette with the blue stars and all that. seriously. thinking of picking one up for the wife but if it is garbage then that would make a bad gift.
Here's a review of TAGMSC aftershave balm. I rated it, but didn't add additional comments.

Here's a few posts that I did at another forum on these products when they were introduced: post #1 post #2 post #3

I'd order just a single cake of the shaving soap. I had a hard time getting any kind of acceptable lather with it; this is based on the original soap formula, but they have changed it since. A couple of guys have had good success with the shaving soap.

I re-read your last post, and the TAGMSC shaving products are only in a single scent. I'll post some more about the TGQ stuff later.
Thanks, Chris.

No rush as I'm up to my ears in samples and Mama Bear soaps.

EDIT: The forum at Straight Razor Place sure has a lot of information on TGQ soaps but, damn, only 5 posts per page?! That thread with 1,000 replies should be fun. Ouch.
old Lady Gillette with the blue stars and all that. seriously. thinking of picking one up for the wife but if it is garbage then that would make a bad gift.

I don't have one, but I seriously doubt it is anything like garbage. A few guys around here shave with this a their primarly razor. I think I remember JoAnna mentioning using it too.

The head should be pretty much the same as the late model Super Speeds. Overall build quality would be usually pre 80s Gillette (which is good).

Gents & Gals:

This is just a quick note to notify you that in an effort to tighten-up this thread, I will be posting periodically just to keep a running total of items that have not yet been reviewed. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the outstanding requests, rather than having to comb through each page of the thread. (No, I can not edit my original post :biggrin:)

Stay Tuned :cool:
  • Sunscreens, particularly UV natural vs other SPF products
  • Clinique's new Post-Shave Soother Beard Control Formula
  • One or more of the commercially available brush/razor stands
  • Diehl's Shaving soaps
  • Diehl's shaving brushes
  • Creed GIT Shaving Soap
  • Jack Black shave cream
  • Taylor's St. James Aftershave Splash
  • Brooks Bro's 1818
  • Kistna Aftershave Balm from The Body Works
  • CAR A/S Moisture Cream (other than peppermint)
  • Gentleman's Refinery (all products)
  • C&E Super Badger Brush
  • Men-U Synthetic Shaving Brush
  • Lady Gillette Razor with the blue stars
Note: These are requests that have not been completed. If you have made a request and it wasn't reviewed, and not on the list, please PM me. Otherwise, all other review requests have been completed. :thumbup1:
eShave and Art of Shaving brushes and razors

With the razors, I understand that the shave will be the same as the comparable Gillette cartridge shaver, but would like to know more about the quality/balance/etc.

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