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Enough blades?

200 Astra SP
200 group buy SE
140 injector
50 Feather
50 assorted
9 p74

I figure if, on average, I use each blade 3 times I have 5 years worth of blades in my top dresser drawer.

Why do I feel like I'm not overstocked? :thumbup:
Unless you have at least 10 years' worth, you can't possibly survive the Shavepocalypse.

I figure 1,500 blades and 150,000 rounds of .45 should keep me clean-shaven and hold off the Zombie Hordes... :2guns:

Blades & Ammo. Sounds like a new magazine idea or forum. :lol:
You see, we are hoarding razor blades, pucks of soaps and numerous aftershaves for the ineviatable SHAVPOCOLAYPSE that is rumored to hit. When it does, there will be no more blades or shaving items for sale, just canned goo and expensive carts.

Think of it as the whole "stocking up for Y2K" on a whole different level.
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