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Engraving your tools...yay or nay?

Engraving your tools...yay or nay?

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Just curious as to if anyone has thought about maybe putting their own personal touches on their equiptment. Say your name on a safety razor head or the handle...anywhere that won't interfere with the performance of the piece.

I do not plan on selling or even trading the pieces i collect and would like to add a personal touch to them.. what do you guys think? My thinking is that it would be kind of neat for my grandkids and greatgrand kids etc. down the line to continue using and passing down something so sacred and priceless

thoughts and opinions welcome!

Or anywhere else on the piece
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At some point they might be traded or sold and anything like that would lessen the value. I wouldn't do it anyway, but it is up to you.
Strange they do not give photo examples of the service ?

They quote $15 to $25 for the service

There are laser engravers that can work around tight curves like on a DE handle
Wouldn't a jewler be able to engrave also? I haven't engraved anything, but actually thought it might be a good idea to put a personal touch on my razors for handing down to my son's in about 10 years or so. My merkur classic open comp and 37c slant don't have a date code or anything (That I'm aware of), so I thought maybe put the year I purchased the razor and my initials on them. I'm not sure, but I've considered looking into it.
Be carefull with engraving modern razors. With a merkur, when you cut through the plating of the head you will expose Zamak (a zinc alloy) that is rather sensitive to corrosion by electrolysis; the current running between the chrome/nickel finish and the Zamak when wet will (in due time) eat the zinc away.
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Be carefull with engraving modern razors. Whit a merkur, when you cut through the plating of the head you will expose Zamak (a zinc alloy) that is rather sensitve to corrosion by electrolysis; the current running between the chrome/nickel finish and the Zamak when wet will (in due time) eat the zinc away.

Good point. It would more than likely adversely affect the plating on any razor.
I thought you ment tools tools ...not shaving tools...

I voted yes because I remember all my grandpas tools having his name engraved on them...hammers saws wrenches

I would vote no to shaving tools...
If you could get some nice engraving done and follow that up with a replate job, would that not work? Some engravers offer replating as a service.

And although your name or initals might lower the value, if it was decorative gun-etching style art, I think that would look extremely nice.
Engraving one's tools is nice as it avoids having them get lost when loaning them out to people. Engraving a razor would require a replate IMO.
If it is something you want to pass down in your family, and not sell, it would be nice to have an engraving I would think. Have it replated so as not to ruin the finish.

A trophy shop can do that for you (the engraving). I've even used the local trophy shop for my soap stamp. They are pretty reasonable.

If you have a steady hand the Engrave-It works well but it takes practice. I let my 11 y/o Grandson engrave a couple of our military hairbrushes for Christmas gifts to his Dad and Uncles.

I engraved large water goblet stemware for my grand daughters with princess figures.

It's pretty user-friendly with practice. It also comes with templates.
I wouldn't engrave a valuable or rare razor that I might want to trade or sell in the future. I would (will?) engrave something that I intend to keep forever, namely a birth year razor, with my name or a monogram. I would also consider engraving a favorite, but not particularly valuable razor with a nice design. I think a celtic knot design would look great on the head of a simple razpr like a tech.

I got a Shavemac brush from Bernd with my initials on the base. I like it, it was a custom brush (knot size, loft, hair etc) and the initials finish it off and make it unique to me. I don't think I would ever engrave an old Gillette however because of damage to plating. I like to keep the razor as original as possible. Now if i had a razor made up for me that would be different and I would probably put my initials on it.

i don't think i would care for my name being engraved on my actual razors, DE or otherwise. i would however entertain the thought of engraving on say razor/brush stands or lather mug if i wanted to personalize some of my shaving accessories. that being said if i wanted an heirloom to be made out of a particularly rare razor i may consider having my last name engraved on it to pass down to a son (whenever i have one that is).
interesting so some items rather than others. I'm not worried about re-sale value or anything like that i can't see why i would ever sell any of my items even if they become unusable after time.
I would do it if you want to, and unless you have mega money invested, screw the value!

i quite like the idea my self, maybe on the spine of one of my straights. I would probably leave it as initials though, or G Good or something. Rather than my full name.
wow a very over powering and resounding NO. intersting. I have no interest in selling and can't understand why i'd ever really give away any of the pieces i take time in obtaining. i personally like the add'd touch engraving gives it. hopefully i can get a few pieces done and maybe change some minds :)
Not necessary, I had myself engraved.

Besides, if my razor is worth something someday I'd want my kids to be able to sell it for top dollar after I'm dead and done with it.
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