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English Leather Musk vs English Leather

Have a question. Years ago I purchased some English Leather Musk (1990's). The smell is intoxicating. I don't believe they make that anymore or at least I haven't seen it. It does appear that English leather is still around. Are they the same? I'm trying to find that exact scent again. Thanks.
I forgot to mention that the English Leather Musk I have is a cologne not an aftershave. Still trying to match the scent more than anything else.


English Leather is still around, I've found it at Wal-Mart. I don't know about the colognes, particularly the Musk.
Russian Leather was a fragrance developed by Dana during the 1930s by the perfumer Javier Serra. English Leather was launched in the USA by MEM in 1949, shortly before I was born. It was based on Russian Leather, but since the cold war had begun, all things Russian had fallen out of favor in the West and the English were more favored. It was a wonderful fragrance that I enjoyed in my teen and young adult years. Some of the classic fragrances such as English leather and Canoe fell on hard times as new fragrances were developed during the 80s and 90s. Somewhere during along the way, English Leather became part of Dana, the company that had originally developed Russian Leather under the nose of its founder. However, whether the current English Leather fragrances measure up to the ones from the days when they were produced by MEM remains controversial. Unfortunately, I no longer have a sample of the vintage MEM English Leather to use for comparison, but my scent memory says the original scent was better. I do not like English Leather by Dana as well as I liked English Leather by MEM; but my scent preferences may well have changed over the past 50 years.
Thanks for the replies. Next time I'm in Walmart I'll see if they have English Leather and give it the sniff test. I'll know immediately. Just didn't want to order it online and find out it is different. Thanks all.
I have a bottle of MEM EL Musk aftershave. To my nose it smells nothing like regular EL, MEM or Dana. I haven’t come across anything quite like it. It doesn’t smell like any musk I’ve ever tried either. To me it’s more like vanilla than musk. There always seems to be a few on eBay at fairly good prices.
I'm basically certain that EL Musk is a different product that EL, and that Musk has been discontinued for some time. Original EL is very nice though. Can't comment on whether it smells like it did decades ago, but I think the current version is just fine.
I own over 200 modern an vintage aftershaves. I have several bottles of vintage MEM, vintage Dana and modern English Leather.

I only use the modern stuff for mixing with other aftershave, but I do use the vintage EL alone.

Mixing the vintage would be aftershave sacrilege. It’s that good. :)
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