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English flat bottom tech WOW

I've had this razor for a while and used it just a few times .Today I thought I'd
try it out with a new to me Kai blade. What a great shave BBS with 2 passes
and a touchup. It's taken me quite a while but I think I've figured out the steps
for getting a great shave. I believe blade selection is more important than the razor
you use to a certain extent. The next thing is taking your time, don't be in a hurry.
Mapping your beard is also very important. With me I shave with the grain , against
the grain and touchup around the jawline using a Jhook stroke and neck area going
across the grain. My older Gillette Flat Bottom Tech, New DeLuxe and New Improved
along with my Merkur Slant and Karve razors will all give my similar results
Nice. All about the grain for me too. Takes some more time and attention to detail on the neck but worth it in the long run.
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