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End of a journey

Sir DarkMatter!
Congrats on solving your irritation issues!
I've also enjoyed my Merkur slant, not 37c but I think 39c.
Regardless, I would submit that you would still benefit from a shave prep more suited for your own needs!!
I'd be happy to offer details if you're interested!!
Happy Shaving!!

merkur slant proraso aug 31 2013.jpg
Glad you found something that works for you, I too came to this hobby due to the military requiring shaving everyday and I've stayed thanks to the wonderful people and the fact my daily routine has become an experience and not routine.
Great job @DarkMatter. Enjoy your shaves. I am with you on searching and finding the right razor. And then simply enjoy the process of shaving with it. I have some RAD left lingering but it is containable. My next razor likely to be added is in fact a slant: a Fatip to be exact.

But I use the Gillette Slide as my main striking technique so I am already shaving slightly slanted.


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I am actually very happy to see someone with an experience like that. I have had a similar experience.

My first razor was the Wilkinson classic (that butterfly). This is where I learned how to shave with a DE razor. I have to say the performance was never good mostly due to my poor technique.

Then I decided to get a Rockwell 6C. This is a much better razor. I could get ok shaves without irritation but in order to get a relatively deep shave I had to use 4 or above and with that somehow I was always managing to cut myself. I even do it actually now that I am supposed to be more experienced. I need to say here that I only do 2 passes and not against the grain.

The very best came with Timor Pure Open Comb. After a couple of times of using that razor I was convinced that my alum block went bad - I wasn't feeling anything. I tried one of my previous razors just to make sure that the alum block was indeed working. This Timor open comb was the best for me in terms of efficiency to cut the stubble. It is also working fine with all the blades that I have. I can do against the grain with it - and still alum is fine!

Despite having find the best razor, I wanted to have a 2nd one. I decided to buy the Merkur 37c slant. The first time I tried to shave was almost a disaster. A few nicks and the alum block was really felt everywhere. Then I noticed that I had to be careful with blade alignment. For some reason I need to make sure it is aligned and it is not to rotate the cap on the other side. With better alignment the results improved but they weren't as good as with the Timor. I had to try a lot so that I can use it with good results. Now I can get very similar performance to Timor.

I am happy now, I have 2 razors that work as I want them to work and I am looking forward to the next time I need to shave :)

Interestingly enough the first time that I managed with 37C to get a good shave wasn't with any of my standard soaps but with a Dove soap that I use when I shower. I use sometimes Dove and it works fine. I kind of like the post shave I get with Dove. I suspect though that dedicated shaving soaps may be better for the skin.
Thanks @DarkMatter for sharing experience. Glad that 37C worked well for you and sorry that all others haven't :(
My journey was more in discovery of other elements of shave (brushes, soaps, creams, AS balms...) so after acquiring couple of "nice" razors I discovered that I probably need not much besides R89 and Fatip Piccolo OC, and my shaves got better and better up to a point that now I'd buy 37C just as a Merkur representative :) or Fatip Slant (for style) but to be honest, for a great shave - it all comes under:
  1. wet face nicely (best to wash with some face-scrub, face-wash, not regular soap)
  2. create bit sudsy lather, face-lathered thoroughly until thickened and bubble-free
  3. nice light touch (if razor doesn't shave - adjust angle, it's to harsh? adjust angle, just "rocking the handle")
  4. use consistent shave-route. I established mine after almost a decade, now - only 1 pass WTG is sufficient at 90% of cases, somethimes only XTG touch-up on goatee area, or 1x ATG pass on the neck is required, but never 3 full-passes. I did 2-full passes perhaps < 10x in my life.
  5. for me - alcohol based AS works best, perhaps due to disinfecting properties, paired with some face creams (Dove, Nivea) the fattier - the better, for me, helps regain the skin tone
As I kept focus on these points, it looked to me that even R89 became more efficient, almost 1pass-done. Fatip started as a 1pass-wonder, but "lost" its roughness and agression, so both razors "improved" or they just improved the owner :) Now even my wife can't distinguish which razor I used - mild or agressive, but I enjoyed the journey and I understand your feel on "ending the journey"
I am glad you found your razor.

For me it was the 3rd razor I got, BUT I got a "biopsy" of a cut on my scalp with it.....probably 1x1cm....bloody mess.

Now I have maybe 10 different slants, and the 37 is the best.....; I still have a bit of PTSD in the head.... but OK for face:bayrum2::straight:
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