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Enchante Austin

Well, I finally made it to Enchante in Austin. I met the owner/operator Charles and ran into our own Mr. Sandoval while I was there. I guess Charles in on here, too? Anyway, the first thing I say is "Heyyya, I've read about you on B&B!" Their eyes perked up and everyone introduced themselves and damn, it was cool to finally meet some B&Bers face to face.

The guys, both very nice and good conversation. Their dedication to our obsession is clear, as both were clean-shaven and without battle scars from the morning shave.

I, on the other hand, sweaty, smelly, scruffy, and sporting my first Van Dyke. I don't know if I can pull it off, but I'm giving in a shot.

Anyway, it was very very nice to meet both of them.

I talked with Charles for about an hour and a half, and wow...he knows his stuff. He really cares about what we do, and it's clear that he's dedicated to educating others and helping them achieve the zen-shave.

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello again, and encourage anyone to visit Charles when you're in town. His place is REALLY nice.

Proud B&Ber,
Matt aka Beast
Agreed! Charles is great to talk to and a real nice guy. I'm proud that I've got such a great shaving shop to check out whenever I'm downtown.
Charles is a great guy, very friendly.

He also sells non-method shaving products such as D.R. Harris, Trumpers and Musgo Real. And lots and lots of EDT's.
I'll be going back home to Austin for several football games this fall and plan on stopping by Enchante. Are they located in the Frost Bank Building downtown?
I'm just skeptical of his rag, cream activator system that he has. Sales gimmicky.

Charles also sells specialized Method shaving brushes for $175, and he actually recommends the $10 shave cloth over buying one of his expensive brushes. Doesn't sound very sales gimmicky to me.

Are they located in the Frost Bank Building downtown?

They're on the Southeast corner of 5th and Brazos
Thread revival!

I'm headed off to Austin this weekend for a conference and I realized that Charles Roberts' store, Enchante is only about 1 mile away. I'm not really into method shaving, but I plan to drop by and pick up some soap or cream (you can never have too much).
Anyone else been to Enchante recently?
The store got good Yelp reviews.
I just realized I can't buy any ASB because I'm not going to check a bag (assuming it qualifies as a liquid banned by TSA). Drat!
I went once when I lived in Austin and Charles is a very nice guy. Make sure you have some time though because he does love to talk. He definitely knows his stuff, but his products are a wee bit pricey in my opinion.

It's certainly worth the trip though.
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