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Emulating Vintage Blades

There are people who go to great lengths and expense to acquire and shave exclusively with vintage blades. I've tried a quantity of Gillette Thin carbon steel blades, and they do an excellent shave using my Old type, LC & SC's, Goodwill & Sheraton. The same blade is less than ideal in my Techs, Superspeeds and Super Adjustables.

A couple of years ago I decided to try some current production Treet Black Beauty Carbon Steel blades. They were so-so in my "newer" razors (Techs, etc) but were my best choice for awesome shaves in my "Older" razors (Old type, Goodwill, etc).

It's only supposition, but I suspect the thicker, stiffer blade material lends itself to a better fit in the older model Gillettes, since these razors were made during thectimespan where a thicker blade was the standard..

Any of you Treet Black Beauty users who get outstanding shaves, which razor are you using? Conversely, anyone getting subpar chaves with these blades, which razors were you using?
Contrary to my earlier scepticism about pre-war blades being thicker, somebody finally chimed in and corrected me. I still think there should be a patent drawing out there, put the poster is somebody very well informed about 3 holes blades etc.

What seems the most practical solution is to make a bunch of shims, say 2? I don't really feel like looking up that post right now, but that would allow a degree of "tuning." Modern blades are going to behave different and that would allow you to try putting the actual blade in the middle, bottom or top depending on how it feels. It might also help with rigidity if you leave as much of the blade, other than the cutting edge, intact on your shims.
I hadn't considered this before, fascinating! I will be following this thread with interest to see what others have to say that have experience shaving with the older, thicker blades.
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