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Em's Place Exotic Butter Cream & Rose Water Cream.......


Although I am enjoying both products, and the scent of the rose cream is delightful once applied, I feel the butter cream is truly noteworthy. I used this as a lip balm, and my lips IMMEDIATLY "sucked up" the moisture. After another 2 applications, my lips finally got the much needed moisture they craved, and my lips were SOOO incredibly soft... my lady friend thought it was an awfully immense difference, and plans on ordering some of this for herself. This is a GREAT cream to apply to ones hands, feet, lips, or anywhere else in need on intense moisture. This is probably one of my favorite products for moisturization as it is so universal, and works so damn well.
honkdonker said:
The Rose Cream is superior for an after shave balm. It is non irritating, and has all of Em's studied perfection rolled up into it. I highly recommend it.

On another note, has anyone ever used Cetaphil as an after care moisturizer? A dermatologist friend recommends this as the most irritation free product available, and I think he may be right. It really creates a fine result on freshly shaven skin.


I have used it as well. It is not bad at all, however I think CAR balm is radically superior. Avalon Organics facial moisture cream seems to be superior as well. The Cetaphil is not bad though, just not my cup of tea.
I wanted to bump this thread up, since I have been getting stellar results with the Exotic Butter Cream on my face. This time of year, my face is furiously dry, despite moisturizing morning and night. I have used this cream as a lip balm for a while, but I was reluctant to try it on my face since it is so incredibly thick and rich. I need not have worried. In the evening, after I wash my face, I spritz with some hydrosol and work a small amount of the butter cream into my damp face. I find it is absorbed very quickly, and leaves no greasiness at all. Really amazing for stuff that starts out literally as thick as butter. After a couple of weeks, my face feels great - moisturized, smooth, and supple. Give it a try!
I think (although pricey) that the Exotic Butter Cream (EBC) is just awesome. I find it is one of the longest lasting and fastest absorbing moisturizers I've ever used.

It may (at least for me) be a bit heavy for use as an A/S balm - but you never know. My skin is really dry this time of year (esp. in bitter cold Michigan). I've been using it as my morning lip moisturizer and it's just unbelievable in that capacity...

I hate to "open an old wound" - but lately I've also found "Ultra Shave" to be a PHENOMINAL after shave balm/moisturizer!! I don't get very good shaves with it - but as a finishing moisturizer.... WOW!

I've been snowblowing for an hour (minimum) three different times now and my face was STILL soft, supple and happy afterwards. (I know I should wear a face mask - I just haven't bought one yet.) I'm talking about 17-18 deg. F with wind-chill in the single digits. My beloved CAR a/s didn't stand a chance in that contest...

I still shake my head at this!! :nonod:
For you frozen wilderness guys, I have found a rather esoteric brand that makes an (expensive?) aftershave balm that might be just what the doctor ordered. This product combines the sealant capabilities of Trumpers Rose or Limes Skin Food and the moisturizing level of Crabtree and Evelyn's aftershave balm. What is this wonderous product? J&E Atkinsons I Coloniali Aftershave Balm with mango kernel oil... It is pricey, so I might suggest finding a sample somewhere before committing. It has a paste-like consistency and a very pleasant scent.
Sean, I haven't tried the L'O face cream, but I have tried the shea butter hand cream. That stuff takes quite a while to absorb, though it does a great job. I would try the Em's if I were you. Get some cucumber AS Splash while you are at it - another great product.
Yea I bought the shea hand cream today and it does take awhile to absorb but damn if it doesnt do a good job. Buying from Em's is one of those things I keep forgetting to do.
gage0921 said:
Yea I bought the shea hand cream today and it does take awhile to absorb but damn if it doesnt do a good job. Buying from Em's is one of those things I keep forgetting to do.

Note to Sean:


SWMBO and I have been using Em's Exotic Butter Cream as a lip balm/moisturizer now for some time and it's one of the truly great products.
And Joel, I have to agree the CAR a/s cream is the one best product on the market, imho.
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