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Empty bottles...

As some of you know, my most favorite colognes are from Penhaligon's in London! I was fortunately to have made my first purchase during the 1980's on a trip to London and have bought many, many bottles of their cologne since then! In the last few weeks I completed two different scents, one was "LP No. 9" and the second was "Castile"! For whatever reason, I can't seem to part with the bottles or the packaging! The bottles still have some scent but nothing I can actually experience until I mechanically remove the sprayer still I just want to keep it anyway as part of my memory of each one! Does anyone here have this same addiction for their favorite colognes?
You are not alone with your soul not wanting to part ways with those empty bottles, and there is nothing odd about it. I have kept many empties, and some of the boxes of my favorite scents, and they now reside on a shelf in a spare bedroom. Not only do these empty bottles offer some scentimental value, they could have a monetary value, especially something like Penhaligons. Why not find a little place somewhere in your home which you enjoy, and display them. That way you will always have them so you can reminisce and remember them when the urge strikes. Every person collects or saves certain things, one of the things that makes each of us unique.