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Email notifications for subscribed threads

I don't seem to be getting email notifications for activity in threads that I'm subscribed to, even though I have all this stuff enabled in my account settings.


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Visit the thread to re-drive the notifications (I think).
If you receive a notification about a new post but don't visit the thread, I don't think it sends an update for every new post.

Did you get a notification of this reply?
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If you are getting NO notification at all check your spam and junk mail folders.
As noted above, you will get a notice when there is activity but not for each new post.

If this does not help send me a pm with your email address and I will test it with you.
I keep getting email notices on a thread I am supposedly following - which I am not.
Where do I find the setting for threads being followed?
I just seen the "watched" at the top of the thread heading. Clicked on it and it showed seven threads but none of the boxes were checked. I know I didn't "follow" any threads.
Found the spot to unsubscribe to any/all threads so checked that off and we'll see. None of them were checked anyway!
I shouldn't have been getting them based on the current setting but was.

Thanks for the response.
If you respond to a thread, it automatically adds it to your watchlist.

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But I have only gotten them recently and only for the one thread - which I am NOT watching but have contributed to.
Nothing was/is checked in the watched threads/forums.

I have contributed to more than that one thread.

So NO.


I'm not saying they were. I was clarifying what Brian C. was saying.

Bottom line - If you're receiving email notifications for a thread, it's because you're subscribed to receive email notifications about that thread. Visit the thread in question, go to the top, click the "Unwatch" button.
Well that's just it, I hadn't.
Yes, when you contribute to a thread it is considered "watched" at the top of the page but unless it was set for email notification, I should not get any.Otherwise we would all be inundated with emails.


Actually, when you contribute to a thread, it's only considered "watched" if your user preferences are set up that way.

Yes, you can watch a thread without receiving email notifications. I'm saying that if you were receiving emails, it's because you were watching the threads and had selected to receive email notifications - Whether that was through a preference in your account or you hit the "Watch" button at the top of the thread. That is the ONLY way you can receive email notifications on threads is by watching them.

If you'd like, I can unwatch all of your threads for you. Or I can set all of your watched threads to watch without email notifications.
It may have inadvertently been selected when the forum changed and updated.

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You may also want to make sure you have unchecked the “Automatically watch content you interact with”. You may get subscribed to something and not know it.