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Elk Antler Finest

Mike H

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Petsmart carries elk antlers as a dog chew. On a recent trip I saw them on sale and thought, hey I have an idea.

Cut and drilled it out. Painted and sealed the bottom and set a TGN Finest. The knot measures 29 x 53. It is a big heavy brush.


Man thats a great idea. Did not know petsmart carried that. Dose it just come in peaces, or can you buy the whole antler?

Got to keep away from the dogs
Have you treated it with anything? If not you should consider beeswax to preserve the color and protect the antler. It (antler) is very porous and will lose color and break down with expose to water due to the high mineral content in the antler itself. Beeswax periodically applied and rubbed in and polished will preserve the color nicely and protect your fine looking brush handle!
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