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Elite Razor - Custom and Unique Razors and Brushes


I've been working the past couple of weeks to put together a very nice selection of metal, wood, stone and resin brushes. The brushes shown below will go live on my site at www.eliterazor.com at 5:00 pm Eastern Time today.

Please take a look and see if there is something you might like to see in your den.

White over Blue and Green with a Copper accent ring (24mm)
[Image: FLo82h4.jpg]

Black and Gold Resin over Transparent Green (26mm)
[Image: H7uLjKN.jpg]

Mokume-Gane fusion of Cobalt and Gold (24mm)
[Image: umnW0op.jpg]

Ivory over Blue and Orange with Brass and Black accent rings (26mm)
[Image: GxYAexe.jpg]

Larimar (26mm)
[Image: GeGBTGL.jpg]

Ivory over Blue, Green and Orange (26mm)
[Image: tdVlNpL.jpg]

Flaming Orange over Irish Bog Oak (26mm)
[Image: AZvP1CC.jpg]

Maple Burl with 4 Chrysocolla inserts (26mm)
[Image: 9Pk0xY0.jpg]

Black and White Ebony (26mm)
[Image: uWMOAY9.jpg]

Masur Birch (24mm) - This is a very rare and beautiful wood. This is the first time I've seen it in over 10 years
[Image: k4QSZPE.jpg]

Burl and Resin (24mm)
[Image: VrqESKo.jpg]

As always, thanks for looking.