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ELEVENTH ANNUAL "One Blade in February" Challenge - 2020 Edition

Day 27, Shave 27. Same setup as before.

Unlike last week, this week's shaves were very eventful.

In my rush to work on Monday, I didn't prepare my skin properly and shaved haphazardly. It was a bloodbath. I was driving and suddenly felt an odd wetness on my neck. I rubbed the back of my hand just above the Adam's apple and my hand came away bloody.

It was so wet that when I pressed a tissue to it, it just stayed in place. I got in the office and someone remarked that it looked like someone had cut my throat with a razor. That made me laugh because it was literally true. Anyway, I was left wondering if the blade had finally gone "off".

On Tuesday, I thought about skipping that morning's shave and/or tossing the blade. But, I vowed to shave everyday in February with a fixed setup and, dadgummit, I was going to keep my word! So, I took my time hydrating my skin, making a really slick lather, and shaving carefully and precisely. I focused on proper technique and performed 2.5 passes (WTG, ATG, XTG on cheeks only). I rinsed with cold water and wrapped a cold towel (soaked in cold water, squeezed out) around my neck and performed my other daily ablutions. Then, I applied the Nivea Sensitive ASB.

That day, I felt no further irritation. Problem solved? We'll see on Wednesday.

Wednesday morning arrived, I stayed with the same routine as Tuesday and was reward with an excellent shave.

Thursday, same story, except that I suffered a tremor in my right hand and nicked myself just under the lower lip. Styptic pencil to the rescue!

So, it looks like I'm still on target for 29 in 29. :thumbup1:
Since I only shave M-W-F, today marks the last shave of the month for my 1970 P4 Gillette Super Stainless. Shave #12.

The best thing about these vintage blades is that they degrade slowly and gracefully. This week's shaves showed the start of a decline in sharpness. A touch less comfortable and that heavenly glide has turned into just a bit of drag during the shave. I know that I can push this blade for more shaves if I want, but I think I'll call it quits and move on to a new blade. I'm definitely not one of those guys looking to get 100 shaves out of a blade. It's been fun!
  • Gillette Super Speed Red Tip razor
  • NOS Schick Super Chromium blade (27)
  • Gillette Pure Shave Cream w/ a Fine badger brush, bowl lathered
  • Mennen Afta, Original After Shave Skin Conditioner

Forget how good a shaver the Red Tip Super Speed is. Thanks to the heft, feels good in the hand. Shave is close and comfortable. A nice pairing with this almost-four-week-old blade.
Forget how good a shaver the Red Tip Super Speed is. ... A nice pairing with this almost-four-week-old blade. [/QUOTE said:
That's absolutely true. I really enjoyed the shaves with the SSRT in course of the last week. Tomorrow I am going to complete the month with this razor and the german Wilki (shave #25).




One more day until the end. I have 28 for 28 so far, and the Fasan DoubleSlant is getting every last bit out of this blade. I don't think I could do a 31 day month, or even a 30 for that matter. Honestly, I'd be happy to call it Done after today's shave, but I will make it work one more time before it hits the bin! :)


One more day until the end. I have 28 for 28 so far, and the Fasan DoubleSlant is getting every last bit out of this blade. I don't think I could do a 31 day month, or even a 30 for that matter. Honestly, I'd be happy to call it Done after today's shave, but I will make it work one more time before it hits the bin! :)

That's the spirit!:D
Skipped a couple shaves this month, but the Shark is going strong. I'm struggling with the habit of using too high an angle with the slant, may have to break down and get a better handle.

Otherwise it's working fine, will get through the month on a single edge. Not all that much of a challenge for me agian this year.
Friday 28th Feb, Astra SP (8), same setup again, DFS.

Once again, the second week doesn't feel any different to the first.
My bic blade is still delivering with no issues, still in my grandfather’s tech.

It is unusual for me to use one combination this long.

I am getting stellar shaves. Sticking with it has taught me just how to finesse the best shave possible from this combination. Nothing is difficult or even particularly conscious, but if I pay attention I see that I make the smallest adjustments to angle and direction over various sections of face and neck.

I will keep this blade in this razor for a while yet after tomorrow, but will get a dose pf variety by using something else for a while.



Twenty-nine great shaves this month. One tiny nick in the middle of the month. I almost missed seeing the blood.

The blade is still on the first edge. There is plenty left for FFFMM.
Finished my 30th shave with the Gillette Platinum, loaded on January 31st.
Blade cuts nice and smooth as butter. Can race the razor over the face, no nicks weepers ever.
Can't believe not too long ago I used to toss blades after 3 to 5 shaves.
In future will be running them till they die.
Now this blade goes to the 4 for March.
The month is over. Hope everyone who participated got something out of the challenge and, perhaps, looks at blade usage differently. For me, I close February with:
  • Adams Open Comb razor (a Merkur imprint)
  • NOS Schick Super Chromium blade (28)
  • Long Rifle Hawkeye shave soap w/ an Acca Kappa boar brush, face lathered
  • Master Well Comb Iceland Breeze After Shave Lotion
I don't usually go back to a mild razor once I've started climbing the ladder of aggressiveness.
However, I was curious how the blade would behave and it was fine. Got a great shave, was even able to go ATG on my neck.

Didn't get the whole 29 days worth of shaves. So I'm going to make up for the skipped days and use the blade again tomorrow, and probably Monday to, just to hit that 30-shave milestone.
29 days, 29 shaves on an Astra SP. I got a couple of weepers the last couple of days so 29 will be enough. I’ve managed to get 25 or more shaves from an Astra, GSB and an Israeli Red
Last Night's Shave:
Prep: Wash face with PAA Cube 2.0
Pre-Shave: Wet face. Apply PAA Cube Mentholated
Soap: Aion
Brush: Yaqi Synthetic Tuxedo Knot
Razor: Blackland Vector
Blade: Kai Captain Titan Mild ProTouch MG(8)
Post Shave: Thayers WH Toner Rose Petal & Witch hazel splash
Aftershave : MAOL Frankenlime
Moisturizing: GD Rejuvenating Serum


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I finished the challenge as well...
That has been quite an interesting journey.

Now I guess it is time to retire the blade.
Maybe I could even extend the numbers achieved, however 75 passes in 25 shaves plus several touch ups on just one blade really has a kind of wow-factor for me...

My final setup for February 2020:

Pre-shave: Proraso White pre-shave cream
Brush: NOM Gustav Havanna Synthetic
Soap: Stirling Soap ~ Orange Chill
Razor: Gillette Super Speed Red Tip (C2)
Blade: Wilkinson Sword / Germany (25)
Postshave: fridig tap water, Stirling Soap Orange Chill AS, Nivea Sensitive AS Balm



I finished the challenge as well...29 days, 29 shaves on an English Wilkinson Sword...
All shaves 3passes +cleanup
All shaves at least DFS

My final setup for February 2020:
Pre-shave: Hot shower
Brush: Restored flat-top synthetic
Soap: OneBlade BlackTie Shaving Cream
Razor: Gillette Fatboy on 5
Postshave: GenericWH, Nivea Sensitive PS Balm

Although the WS still seems to have some shaves left in it, it's time for me to move on to Grundi's Elios participation PIF, so I'll be skipping the FFFMM this year.