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Electric shaver convert

New convert here. Almost gave up. I purchased a “starter” kit which included a cheap razor. Watched videos and tried sticking with it. However each time my face ended up in a bloody mess. Discouraged, I did more research and reluctantly but the bullet on a Rockwell 6c. I have now been able to shave without cutting myself, now going through the long journey of trying blades. I have a very difficult area around my chin that is difficult to shave and needs several passes to get to a point I like , this increases the chance for irritation. Still working on it. On the Rockwell I use a 3 plate for 1st two passes then the plate. I use STIRLING shave oil and PAA ck6 soap. Thanks
You'll get there. I was an electric shaver for 30+ years and tried wet DE shaving about 10 years ago. And I quickly gave up!
About a year ago I decided to try again and joined B&B like 8 months ago.
I now am a diehard & passionate wet shaver and I'll never go back.


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Welcome and wise choices to keep you in the game. The 6s gives you the ability to find out what range your sweet spot lies in. Great soap choice. Blade sampler down the road perhaps wouldn't hurt. How's your brush?
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