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EJ89 vs Weber Bulldog

Some choose to use the DE89 with a Bulldog handle. Highly YMMV matter. What have you used so far? What have you liked and why? What have you disliked and why? You can't just randomly poll people and assume that the results mean anything other than what's popular. What's best for you could be entirely different.
Weber easily. I say that as an owner of both razors. I like them both but the Weber is an all around better razor IMO.
The Weber is slightly more aggressive. I use the Weber when I have 2+ days growth, I use the DE89 if I am shaving everyday.
I have and love the EJ DE 89 Barley handle. I have and love the Weber with bull dog handle. I have used the Weber bull dog handle on the DE89 but did not care for that. The Barley handle worked much better for me. However, I used a Weber classic hanlde with the DE89 and it is a different razor. The longer/heavier handle maked the EJ shave every bit as good as the Weber for me. The Weber is margainly more efficient, but not more aggressive than the EJ/Classic combo.

I use both in rotation with a NEW LC. I find I now reach for the EJ/Classic handle more often than for the Weber/bull dog handle.
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