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EJ sandalwood vs AOS sandalwood

Does anyone know how they compare? I've used the AOS and liked it but I am considering the EJ. How do they compare?
I have both shave creams, and enjoy them for different aspects. The EJ Sandalwood has a lighter scent, and for me, I like to SMELL something if it is labelled as having a scent. So, the scent is barely there with the EJ. Now with the AoS, the scent is stronger by far but in a good way. I would still like to find a WICKED strong smelling Sandalwood shave cream!
Both creams shave well, lather up nice, and have super slickness.
+1 for AoS since they offer it in a larger tub at 150ml versus 100ml for the EJ.
Wurls, if you’re looking for a "WICKED Strong Sandalwood" try TOBS. I picked up a tub, barely touched the soap with my finger tip and could not get rid of the scent. I washed my hands with alcohol and then tooth paste (learned this trick working on auto engines with gasoline) and still couldn’t get rid of the scent. It’s wicked strong.

No kidding!?!
Is that in soap or cream form? I discounted TOBS because of the price, figuring that there wouldn't be much scent in it. I'm really after the aromatherapy thing in a shaving cream, and not just to have something "lightly scented" to shave with.
If you get that wicked strong scent from the cream, then I'm in! Let me know.
Had both AOS and EJ Sandlewood creams and didn't care for the performance of either. TOBS was better performance wise, but more of a cologne scent and one of my strongest smelling creams. Salter is my favorite Sandalwood cream for performance, but my least favorite Sandalwood scent. It smells more like a cookie dough.
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