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EJ DE86 vs Muhle R106: which to buy?

Same head, only different handle. I would favour the EJ, but only because my 89L is my favourite. I doubt if there is any difference though in weight/balance.

R106 is my go to...everything else got boxed up after one shave ith it...plus I love the look of the black handle.
Thanks for the input. It sounds like a coin toss. And since I'll be tossing coin, I guess price becomes the main issue. Hard to justify spending twice the amount on the R106 when the DE86 is of similar quality. Or is it?
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Thanks for the link. I have not purchased from shaving.ie because they are overseas, and I can find many of the same products stateside. But some of their prices have me considering a future order. Unfortunately they do not have the R106 in stock. Curious how Muhle razors are priced in Europe at nearly half of what they sell for in the US.
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