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EJ and Muhle?

Was just wondering something. I know Muhle and EJ especially 89 head wise are the same. My question is Jagger says made in England and Muhle Made in Germany. Are they indeed the same design and made in different countries by both manufacturers or does EJ make the stuff for Muhle? Just wondering.
Each company makes their own stuff in their own factory.

Neil Jagger and Andreas Muller did team up and designed the razor together, though.
Ok thanks. I was just wondering. The finish work on my Jagger stuff seems to be better than the Muhle stuff I have. Figured they must be different.
can someone confirm that muhle and EJ heads are or are not identical? Muhle has great budget sets (RYTMO).
i still have to buy a DE razor and cant choose between the Muhle or EJ.

any advice will be appreciated
They are the same. I have both. I would say Jagger's chrome work is better, but other than that they are identical.
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