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FSOT EJ 89, Mühle Silver tip v2, Merkur DE. For 6/8 shave ready

The EJ shows wear. But it was never abused. Never cross threaded or over torqued.

The brush was used once, it’s my spare and it’s amazing. The first one is still holding up like new, so I just don’t need a back up. Plus, I want a straight. :)

DFACCA60-8D8D-4599-AD60-888FFA0843DF.jpegThe Merkur is NIB, it’s the basic closed comb one. Bought it as a gift for BIL, but he never used it.
The Space pen is missing a part. So if you live near a dealer- they may have it. It’s more of an add on.
Not looking to divide at this time.


ideally an Aust, TI, or Bismarck- which I’d add cash towards
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