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EGO Brushless

Ego brushless cream, from the Ukraine, and it is a true cream , not a gel..Light clean floral scent,all plastic tube ,hermetically sealed orifice utilizing metal foil.I started by washing and rinsing my face twice with hot , soapy water.Leaving the face wet I applied an almond size dollop to the palms and rubbed my hands together for application. Big mistake !!, all I needed was a small pea size dot,this stuff is highly concentrated ! Formula contains coconut oil , glycerine and brominated nitro-propane... Application was a 2 minute massage,which leaves a very moist layer of protective cream on the skin.Using a fat handle Tech loaded with a virgin Czech Super Iridium I began what turned out to be a fantastic shave. Smooth , effortless glide,zero friction,cream rinses out much easier than you would expect.Reapplication for ATG strokes needed a tiny half pea size to get the face covered. No aftershave needed really , the skin remains very moist and pliable after the shave, no lingering scent,just a great feeling face...This cream comes very close in shave quality to the King of Brushless , Stephan's Smooth Shave. EGO is a true best buy for quality and economy...Sold by the same vendor , MOUGRIM , that sells Mens CODE cream on the Bay http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-CODE-E...322762?hash=item3f6f203a8a:g:YrAAAOSwo4pYJ1wv You'll have to ask for it ,he ships fast and will cut deals on postage , this link is to a "buy-it-now" ad, not an auction , in accordance with B&B rules..


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