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Edwin Jagger


Anyone else thing the cap on the Edwin Jaggers are sticky? I've had a DE89 since 2015, and I keep giving it a chance, but the cap always seems to be "sticky", as in the plating on the cap seems to counter any amount of lather or lubrication I throw at it. I have razors that are 80 years old with no plating that glide effortlessly. What is up with EJ?
I've been using a Muhle R89 lately as my daily driver since I'm testing a whole bunch of different blades and I have never encountered that issue.
The EJ DE89 was my first razor six years ago and I have never had a problem with it. It’s still in my regular rotation.
No sticking for me. Used several EJs and a R89 for many years. Maybe add a little more water in your lather?
Maybe lather too thick, not enough water, or you are riding cap with too much pressure??
Never had the problem with either EJ or Muhle 89s


Another vote for a lather issue!

For me the EJ is a forgiving, middle of the road razor that delivers comfortable shaves. :a29:
Is your blade jumping? That's generally a lather issue, but if you aren't having issues with other razors it might be your shaving angle is off a bit. Have you experimented with your angle at all? I have the R89 and R41 and don't have any issues.


Moderator Emeritus
There's a reason some people love one razor while others hate it.
Could just be minor geometry differences in that razor which aren't best for your particular skin type, hair growth pattern, or how you like your lather or technique.
If you're not having that issue with other razors, I'd just chalk it up to it not being the best choice for you and try something else.
Never had a problem with the EJ DE89 but that drag occasionally happens when the lather is too dry. That chrome cap and bar just glides smoothly on a good lather.
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