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Edwin Jagger Sandalwood aftershave balm alternative

Is there a cheaper alternative to Edwin Jagger sandalwood aftershave?
I really love scent but its kinda expensive (around $30 for 100ml)
Is there a more affordable alternative with same/pretty similar scent? Most common on the internet I managed to find is Proraso Red aftershave but I see it has shea along with sandalwood?

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Proraso red is kind of too oily for me, although the scent is great.
Are you looking for a balm or a splash as well?
I like Captain's Choice Sandalwood.
Smooth and decent longevity.
Well, I'm looking for both but for now I would like to get balm. I tend to use balm during winter and splash on warmer days.
One of the nicest "balms" I have owned is Gilbert Henry (also make a splash). Was popular around here (B&B) a number of years back.
Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave and Cologne
Unfortunately, mine is long gone or I would shoot you a sample. Balm looks to be in $20s for 4 oz (118ml) and $16ish for the splash. May want to contact them about samples.
Happy hunting
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