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Edwin Jagger Ebony Rubber Handled Razor

I was doing some online window shopping and came across an Edwin Jagger razor that has a rubber handle. It's black in color and the handle is short. Overall, the razor is about the same length as the Merkur HD 34C.

I was wondering if anyone owns this particular EJ razor? How has it performed? How robust (long lasting) is the rubber handle?
My understanding is that all EJ89 series share the same head (and a good one). The difference is the handles.
Yes I own an Edwin Jagger 86 with the rubber coated handle. It would be about 2 years old and has been used maybe a dozen times. It's a good razor and performs well and the rubber coated handle is nice and grippy. I also own an Edwin Jagger Lilac long handle that has never been used and the rubber handle one doesn't look much the worse for wear by comparison.

I always rinse and dry my razors after using them if that makes a difference.

I was going to post a photo of them side by side but for some reason I can't get that function to work.
Well, I bought it.:) Arriving soon.:) I'll compare it to my other short handled razors, namely the Merkur D 34C and the Razorock Heavy Duty DE Razor.:) I also think my Classic Samurai 202 qualifies as a short handled razor, as well. Although, it sports a slimmer handle.
I have a EJ DE86 (black handled DE86, but not rubber) and I have a DES89L (lined chrome short handle). I like the short handled DE89 quite a bit (and I had thought that generally I liked longer handles better than shorter handles) and I may actually like it better than the standard handle. It is a good razor. I have only heard good things about the rubber handles. The rubber doesn't seem to have longevity problems, and they make it quite a bit easier to grip (though I don't have trouble with mine without the rubber, if a razor or brush ever feels a little too slick I just coat my fingers with a little alum).
I like it.:) I can echo the previous comments above.:) The shorter handle seems to give a better shave than the standard handled EJ.

The grip and the balance on the Ebony are nice. The head is heavier than the handle and you'd think it would be top-heavy. But the balance feels and works well.:) The rubberized handle is firm and it really is non-slip. You can maneuver the razor in your hand quite well. I can flip it around, hold it like a pencil, then flip it around and hold it differently again with no problems. I never felt that I was going to drop it. Rather, it was very secure.:)

All you need is a nice leather cover for the razor head and you have a nice little travel razor.:)
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