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Edwin Jagger Customer Service

As I said above, you can try gluing something to the broken piece, to give yourself something to hold onto to unscrew it. Or, as Fred D suggested, the eraser on the end of a pencil, might give enough friction to turn it. A guy I used to work with, was a master at getting broken screws out, by chasing the screw around with the tip of a nail.

Unless the screw getting jammed was the cause of the stud snapping, you should be able to get it to unscrew, one way or another. Obviously if the handle was especially tight on the screw when it snapped, it may be a different story.

Yes, I tried the eraser, but the metal post is lodged tightly in the handle. I don't have any glue in the house to test your suggestion.
I'm just curious, do you disassemble the razor and wipe dry, or just wipe dry without any disassembly?

Just going by what I see online, it seems Edwin Jagger razors break this stud fairly often. Mine is about 8 1/2 years old with no problems, thankfully. But I do disassemble and towel dry all of my razors after using them. I know some say that's excessive, but it's just my way of taking care of my tools.

I disassemble the razor and tissue dry everything. Perhaps there's a shelf life on the number of disassemblies / threadings.
Thanks for the alternate email. Did you find this on edwinjagger.com?
I just reviewed my complete email correspondence with Edwin Jagger back in 2019, and the initial email I sent was addressed to the same [email protected] address that you used. The response and subsequent correspondence was with the [email protected] email address. I would suggest that if you haven't had success with the enquiries email, you might as well try the repairs address. In my initial email I mentioned, and in fact quoted, another post from Badger & Blade recounting the great customer service another person had experienced with Edwin Jagger in dealing with a broken post on a DE89 razor. Maybe that helped encourage the to respond more promptly to my request.

Good luck!
There are tools called screw extractors and also reverse drill bits. These allow you to use an electric drill in reverse to remove broken bolts and screws. Just turn the broken post counter-clockwise to get it out.
Yes, I tried the eraser, but the metal post is lodged tightly in the handle. I don't have any glue in the house to test your suggestion.
If you plan on buying glue, don't go cheap! I recommend Gorilla Glue. Look into their various versions first.
After my insistence about EJ89 gold plated top cap, they answered me today:

Apologies for the delay.

I am just waiting for a response from our production team as we are having problems getting the gold-plated materials in.

I will chase them up and let you know when I get a response.
This thread is of high interest to me as I was already wondering about their warranty / customer service.

I recently noticed small chips in the chrome on the bottom of the base plate for me DE89. The center and side holes all have a small chip right on their edges. I find this very strange as my razor has only ever touched me, a countertop or a holder.

The bottom flat edge of the top-plate screw looks like it has some type of corrosion on it. Instinctively I want to try and chip it off with me fingernail but it just doesn't do anything.

I'm hoping if I contact them I can get both replaced at no expense.
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