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Edwin Jagger, Best, Size Small

Hey I was wondering if you have tried this brush:

http://www.theenglishshavingcompany...ger Best badger shaving brushes@b|0|user||38|

It looks like a good price, and since the Medium is a little too big for me, I was wondering what do you think about the Small size as a daily brush.
I mostly face-lather or in a mug if I have the time. Do you think the Small will hold enough water or should I go with the Medium (also in Best).



Wow, that seems to be a heck of a deal....especially if this is the same basic brush as my old C&E BBB!
I have the large size brush and I love it paid £27.00 for it in the special offers. I live in Sheffield where these are made and went to the factory (no sales counter) after making an appointment to visit. The staffs are very friendly and helpful. Hope you enjoy your new brush.
I have the brush and it is fantastic, with one exception; the handle could be longer. The size of the knot is great for me as I have a beard and mustache so I only shave about 1/3 of the area others do without such facial hair. The badger bristles are perfect, stiff enough not to flop flat but never rough on my face or neck. When I get a new brush, the only thing I will be looking for is one with a longer handle, everything else about this brush is perfect.
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