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FS Edwin Jagger 3one6 with RazoRock Bulldog Handle

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This is an Edwin Jagger all stainless steel 3one6 razor with a stainless steel RazoRock Bulldog handle. I found the original handle to be too light for my tastes, and preferred the RazoRock bulldog handle on the 3one6. Unfortunately the original handle was lost in a recent move to a new house. This razor is in excellent condition, as it was used very infrequently and always with a silicone washer between the base plate and handle. It is what I would consider a medium aggressive razor; I prefer more aggressive razors like the Blackland Dart and Muhle R41. The razor is listed for sale at US retailers like Maggards and West Coast Shaving for over $130. I will sell it for $100 shipped CONUS along with a pack of Gillette Platinum blades.


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