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EDT/scent for men in their 40s.

I do not think that age should make any difference in what fragrance you wear.. Wear what makes you happy and wear what scents you enjoy.

But, with that being said, if you are looking for a very mature distinguished fragrance that will not break the bank, I suggest the same as what some others suggested here, which is Terre D'Hermes.

You can go with the EDT or the Pure Parfum. My preference is the Pure Parfum, as to me it lasts longer and has a more distinguished scent.
Ive never really been into scents. I had Kouros, Ferrari and Joop years ago but haven’t really used scents so much in the past decade. Just deodorant really.

I’ve been using clubman after shaving in the evening and enjoy that as it’s a very mild afterscent. I think I’ll buy the lime sec or blue one to try.

I’ve been reading about the different products, as I used to just look at them all as aftershaves which seems to be incorrect. I don’t really like very powerful scents, which I think would be in the colognes bracket anyway?

So really I think I’m looking for recommendations for nice summertime and year round aftershaves or EDTs for a man in his 40s?
I just turned 50, and have been using Clubman almost exclusively for the last several years. I recently was given a few smaller sample bottles as a gift and really liked the Pinaud Citrus Musk.

I use Canoe EDT, which is very similar to Clubman but just different enough that I enjoy the differences. Avon's Wild Country is another EDT that is close to Clubman. I like it but not as much as the Canoe.
I agree with a lot of the advice in this string. Go with what you like, not age. Sample stuff first. Blind buying is a pure waste. There are plenty of online decant stores where you can get almost anything that interests you. I would move your budget up a little and get a smaller number of better quality fragrances. I find that cheap ones smell, well, cheap, though I have found some decent smelling "cheapies" like Mugler Cologne, which is a neroli-based fragrance. I would get your nose on Christian Dior Eau Sauvage. Not Sauvage, but Eau Sauvage. It's a lovely, popular, classic, citrus fragrance. I would also try Heritage by Guerlain. It's a wonderful spicy sandalwood, Patchouli-based fragrance with citruses and green notes. Just awesome. Also, most affordable fragrances are 100% synthetic and I understand that US regulation on aroma chemicals is pretty week whereas EU regulation is much tighter. I tend to stay with fragrances made in the EU for this reason. Tons are made in the EU so it's not a big deal. But it's something to consider if you're slightly nutty like me. Best to you!
I am over 50 and my age doesn’t change what fragrances I buy and/or wear. Hell, I even wear Ariana Grande Cloud from time to time.

I so draw the line at really stupid bottles/packaging. Bottles shaped like teddy bears, skateboards, fists and robots are not allowed on my dresser. 😜

Scentwise, I love the old classics (Polo, Drakkar, Quorum…) but also many of the new designer and niche scents.

I would suggest trying before buying wherever possible but try everything and don’t pass on trying a fragrance marketed to a different age group. Some of my favourites are targeted to a very young crowd (D&G The One, Versace Eros, V&R Spicebomb, etc.).

Some safe ones off the top of my head worth checking out are Terre D’Hermes (EDT, EDP and Intense Vetiver EDP are all excellent and hugely popular on B&B for a reason), Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L'Homme (the Bleu Électrique EDT flanker is a favourite) and cheapies including Burberry London, Mont Blanc Explorer and Salvatore Ferragamo F Black.

Good luck and have fun!
Cremo Citrus and Mint Leaf - around £17

Marketed as an eau de toilette, it is very light, fresh, and subtle, and I treat it like an aftershave. (Just used it as part of a follow-up to a Sheffield straight on the back of my neck.) Very nice citrus. I don't think it would be possible to over-apply this fragrance.

Ferrari Radiant Bergamot - around £19

Just got in another of the Ferrari range (bargain priced), and this one sounds down your alley. Might be worth a sniff.

Versace Pour Homme - around £30 for 100 ml on US eBay

Elegant, easy-to-wear, pleasing, and uplifting is how this Alberto Morillas creation strikes me. Nothing obnoxious or screeching here.
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