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EDT for Kid's?

My wife and I just found out this past week that we are expecting. Today, we made the first requisite shopping trip to several local baby shops. One of them specializes in high end European (mostly Spanish) baby clothes and accessories. I was really surprised to see a whole shelf of EDT's for kids. I sampled a few and they all were very nice with very fresh scents. Not unlike the T&H1805 I was wearing with an added baby powder note. All I can say is that if it's a boy, there's gonna be a bottle of this on the changing table :)

EDT's for kids???? I don't know but I don't think I'd want my child discussing the merits of various edt's at the sandbox. Wow, a new classification, junior metrosexuals. :eek:
Congratulations and Best of Luck! I noted that Crabtree & Evelyn now too has a line of Kiddy toilettries with especially cute names...
Its a ritual for my son to use a shave brush and a bic disposibal(cover on of course) and my proraso then finish off with davinci water kenneth cole black(he loves it) Funny how he is 4 and seems to think he should shave twice a day...lol
Congrats murchmb (do you have a name?) !!! My wife and I are expecting as well, to add to our 2-boy brood.
Thank you all for the congratulations. And congratulations back to you Scotto! This will be our first. We got married on September 3rd. Her doctor said that since we are both in our 30's, it might take a year or so to get pregnant. The doctor was wrong :biggrin: Very wrong.

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