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Edge or Technique?

Never. I enjoy helping people with what limited knowledge I have. I also enjoy learning from others who provide advice to n00bies.

I am not always right but then there are many others on B&B who thankfully correct me. We all need to learn, always.
I agree with you…..Had rather be partly right than totally wrong.
Update: Quite a bit has transpired since March 15. As many know I got a mentor who provided me with necessary hand-holding and sage advice. In that time I learned how to passably hone an edge and destroyed a strop. 😀

The original Dovo Prima Steel from The Superior Shave sat while I practiced on 2 eBay rescues.

Feeling up to the task I blew the dust off the new Dovo; went down as far as Koma, up to Tomo, then only water in the JNAT, and then to strop. Today I had a REALLY good shave, three passes, not a nick and I owe it all to B&B. Were it not for the encouragement and advice, I would not be able to make my own edge. In the process I removed the likely excellent concave edge it came with—but I have learned the proof is in the face. The edge I put on it is more than satisfactory.

Thank you, Sensei, and everyone else.

I am approaching that “buttery” shave I once could only dream about! I am on my way.
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