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EDC pocket knife - Automatic or Assisted Opening?

Carried a Benchmade and an Emerson for years. The Emerson deploys via the hook on the blade when pulled rearward from the pocket, very fast.
I like the Spyder hole with a lock that has a bias to stay closed when closed. It is far faster and you don't have to fiddle with the knife to find the right position. Also, there is no safety to disengage.

I've had autos and assisteds open in my pocket, either due to no safety or the safety coming off. They are fun, but I no longer see the practicality.

Another thing, I don't like locks that require tiny springs. They can break. A coil is okay, a bar is better. I like simple and reliable and strong. I know it is not glamorous, but such locks work and don't fail.
I personally have no use for an automatic or assisted opener, and own neither. I can quickly flip open any of my knives with my off hand. I just break them in while sitting in my recliner watching Seinfeld reruns.

Switchblades and OTF knives are too "cool" for me.
My first folder (aside from Swiss Army pocket knives) was a Benchmade Griptilian. I followed that up with a number of Kershaw Speed Safe assisted open knives. I also bought some Spyderco knives and a handful of Harbor Freight Drop Point EDC Pocket Knife* knives.

Depending on what I'll be doing/what I'm wearing, I'll carry certain knives. However, there's no real difference in the speed with which I can open any of them. In fact, they all open with little more than a flick of the wrist (in the case of of the Kershaw knives, the push of the flipper). I wouldn't get hung up on how quickly/slowly any of these knives takes to open.

That said, I have no experience with automatic knives, as they're illegal in my state. Still, I would be surprised if they opened appreciably faster than any of my knives.

*This knife is probably one of the best value knives out there. Its blade is semi-serrated and made of 8Cr13MoV, which is a cheap but decent Chinese steel. It's also become my preferred knife for doing yardwork (including cutting weed whacker trimmer line).
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