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EDC bag


Aaron Scissorhands
Two 4 wheel drives and a hope and prayer that Krogers has food.
I’m looking at ordering one of those new Ford bronco’s in the two door version. If I order now I’ll get it by 2024..


Aaron Scissorhands
Forgot...I do have a medium sized backpack that I've kept behind the seat of whatever truck I have for decades. Also behind the seat are jumper cables, tow strap, rope, shop rags, gloves, come along, tarp, and fishing rod.

The backpack contains:

First aid kit
Sheath knife
Knife sharpener
Sharpening steel
Trash bags
Thin wire
Braided cord
Ratchet tie-downs
Duct tape
Paper towels
Hand and foot warmers
Folding saw
Plastic baggies
A tall, round tupperware container that holds:
Waterproof matches
Fishing line
Aluminum foil
More wire
Snakebite kit
Multi tool
Small file

And a few other odds and ends that all fit in the backpack.
Snake bite kit? Do you mean that old 70s style kit where it sucks the venom out of your wound?


I’m not a fan
The closest I have to an EDC bag is my cooler. I keep bottles of water, trail mix, granola bars, and sun screen in it. It goes into the car every morning and back into the house every evening. I just leave it in the car during the winter.

Each car has things like tarp, blankets, tool kit, chargers, flashlight, etc in it. I do have a separate bug out bag that stays home for things like a natural disaster if I must leave in a hurry. It's a Rush brand bag.
My cars are equipped similarly. I personally don't need or want to carry a bag everyday, everywhere. Besides, 90+% of the time I'm either in my car, in my home, or within a very short distance of either. I have a bug out bag I can grab in case of emergency.


Needs milk and a bidet!
Only place I carry a EDC bag is to/from work. It’s a Yeti Crossroads backpack. It holds my work phone, ipad, laptop, various chargers for all the devices, water bottle, badges/keycards, wallet, blood pressure monitor, bullet journal, pen, and random other crap I think I need for my work shift. Literally only goes from home to work - and back.

As far as any other EDC I don’t carry a bag, just load up the pockets. And these days thats only wallet, phone, pocketknife.
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