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Ed McMahon died

Wow, I hadn't heard this. This is a very sad thing for me. I will always think of him and Johnny Carson. Now, the final connection is gone. :nonod:

Unfortunately I suppose somebody else from the Prize Patrol will have to hand me that giant Publishers Clearing house check. :frown:
Lots of terrific reruns of Tonight Show skits are being shown. What a fine legacy! I like to think that he and Johnny are reunited now.
You know you're reaching a certain age when each celebrity who passes away, you remember clearly-and fondly. sayonara, Ed.

In honor of all the great years of being entertained by Ed McaMahon, I decided to make a donation to MDA in his honor, I have included the link below.
MDA meant so much to Ed and I thought this was a nice way of saying thanks for all the laughs for so many years.
A seriously talented guy. Straight man/sidekick is one of the toughest jobs in comedy to get right. You never saw any seams with EM. In my humble opinion, he did a lot to set the tone for the Tonight Show.

He was 86. That is a pretty darn good run for a guy that had the ups and downs that he had. A good run for anyone.
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