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Ebay is killing me


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I have had it! I receive junk emails from Ebay each day. This is unbearable!
And I can't black list them because sometimes I do buy things from Ebay and get shipping notifications and other important information.
But those guys are pigs using this to their advantage.


So is bullgooseshaving.com with their endless junk mails.
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Is the modern world wonderful. Somebody figured out, again, how to take a technology to keep us more informed and turn it into yet another means to abuse people with endless advertising.

As a side note, my 30 somethingth email this year from Westcoastshaving, in my junk mail folder, mentioned receiving top shaving shop from US News. I had a hardy chuckle at that one, it's any company with enough VC money and PR and here is your award! This actually annoys me because I find US news to be at least useful here in the states and now I feel I can't just randomly tell a family member to just check what they recommend. :cursing:

And I can't even blame any one of them individually, it's an arms race really.


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In my experience unsubscribing from a mailing list does not result in unsubscribng from transaction specific things like confirmations and shipping notifications. However, as noted above, unsubscribing may lead to your now useless (to the sender) data to other advertisers. Not always but often.
Blaming ebay for impulse control issues will not resolve the behavior. Have read some people have success by adding product to the cart but not completing the transaction.


I don't have a funny description.
Blaming ebay for impulse control issues will not resolve the behavior. Have read some people have success by adding product to the cart but not completing the transaction.

I don't understand what you're saying. At all.
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You may be able to white list based on text in the emails or black list based on text. For example, if there is a common phrase in the emails you do not want, set up a filter so that any emails with that phrase are automatically sent to a specific folder. Once you are confident that it is only capturing the emails you do not want, change it so they go directly to trash.
Could you block them and then when you have made a purchase that you want to receive emails unblock them. When you receive your purchase, re-block them


ATF. I use all three.
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I don’t think the shipping notification emails would be coming from the same server as their ad generator. I don’t get any junk emails from eBay and I’ve bought stuff there fairly regularly over the past couple of years. I get all my shipping notifications.
I don't get spam from ebay, but often get unsolicited email reminders after looking at some specific item. An aggressive sales followup which I do not like, but at least can understand. Their email is potentially helpful in the case where the seller is now willing to give a discount. But their algorithm needs more refinement as it is annoying to get a notification to take a second look at an item from storefront-A after buying something like that from storefront-B the day before.

In comparision I find that AliExpress sends more unsolicited email that I do consider spam. I deleted their smartphone app as it kept generating notifications, even after all notifications except those related to Orders were disabled.
I created separate email sub-folders just for Ebay, Amazon, etc. I only have to look in there when I am expecting something from them. Just by scanning the titles of the emails in those sub-folders, I can usually tell what is useful and what is junk.

The idea from Chris of filtering the text body of emails from Ebay and automatically sending some of them to the junk folder based on trigger phrases could help cut down the clutter, too.


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I know there is some way to cut all the marketing emails from eBay without losing the informative ones about specific transactions, and I know that because I've done it. I don't recall how to go about it, though.

That said, using filters and rules like @NorthernSoul mentioned works well. However, I've also just unsubscribed completely from or blocked entirely certain vendors that peppered me incessantly. I found it more convenient and enjoyable overall to just check shipping and other such things manually on their site.
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