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EBAY DIGEST: Interesting Shaving Related Recent Sales Recap

There are lots of sales on ebay that are of interest to wet shavers. I thought I would create a place where people could post about recently closed sales or current BIN listings. This is a place were you would post about out-of-the-ordinary things you find on ebay. If we post about the non-standard listings here, other B&B members can come here and catch up on the good stuff. Of course because it is ebay and this is B&B, please familiarize yourself with the rules concerning posting about ebay listings before you post here. We do not want to violate B&B's Terms of Use. Also, if you post about a listing (why you think it is interesting) and a link, please also upload a photo. Ebay deletes the photos associated with their auctions after a a few months.

I had started a similar thread here but there just wasn't enough Odd, Funny or Remarkable listings in the DE Razor Forum; so I am going to open this thread up to anything that interests you on ebay that is shaving related. Rule of thumb: If you've seen it a bunch of times before then probably others have seen it too. So, that probably isn't of interest. But, if it only comes by the pike every month or so, people may not have seen it. And, if it's rarer than that, definitely show it to us. Odd, funny or remarkable is always welcome here too.
This one is a bit bizarre even by CFM standards. It is a Roller Guard razor, made in Chicago, that appears to have been replated. I say that only because it is so very shiny. And the handle does not look to be original in that razors made in the 1930's did not generally come with such wild-looking accessories.

All for only $711.
$CFM Roller Guard.jpg
Here is a picture of my Roller Guard:
Admittedly, much less impressive that the CFM version, but I think my handle (not pictured) is probably original.
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