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Easiest Soap to Lather?

Haslinger, SV & TOBS (Herbal Sandalwood) are the easiest hard puck soaps to lather, in my opinion. MWF is most definitely not.
My easiest soap to lather is SV beta 4.3 Felce Aromatica.

Toughest soap to lather...B&M Cool Reserve....had to load it for much
longer and as a result it's almost gone ....great soap though....just wish
it had a nicer base.
MArtin de Candre and La Toja Stick. La Toja would go first but because I have used thousands of time, I can lather it just by staring to the stick....
It would really be a more appropriate question to ask which soaps are more difficult to lather. Today, nearly ever soap is easy to lather.
It seems like most here don't use A&E. I've used every soap that has been mentioned and none of them lather as easily has A&E.
Haslinger Schafmilch, Wilkinson Sword stick. Wilkinson stick is also useful as a pre-shave to encourage soaps that are a little slow to catch on.