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Easier to shave long stubble than short?

I definitely find it easier to get a better shave with a day or two in between shaves. As I almost always shave every day I think it has more to do with giving my face a day off than anything else.
I found not much difference and shave every day. Pre shave is important and for the last 2 years have stuck with my procedure and it works.
(Example: try a to dry shave one side of face with one side of the blade or hydrate and use shave soap to see what happens to other side >no brainer IMO.) The blade will slice the hydrated whisker side much easier with better razor glide regardless of length of whisker.
Longer stubble shaves easier than shorter. But tugging and pulling sounds like a dull blade. Put in a fresh blade or try a different brand. I like Lord Plats
I just don't know how you blokes do it. As an SR shaver, I don't have the self-discipline to grow my whiskers for more than 24 hours. I even sometimes shave after just 12 hours - just for the enjoyment.
I try to shave every day, so no recent experience with skipping days. Thus, take this with a grain of salt.

My rationale is that the goal is to slice through the diameter of the hair. This should be essentially the same whether the hair is long or short. Any difference with longer hair is that there is more hair volume. So the hair is more likely to clog the razor and you need to assure that more hair volume is well hydrated.
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