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Earlobe do bleed!

Just in case you ever wondered. Earlobes do bleed. Now the DE fans are asking how did you ever cut your earlobe? The Str8 users are thinking "Wow you lucky bastard, you still have your ear!" Yep, more Str8 damage to my aging face. Any time you see pink foam, you know your in trouble. Well the damage was minimal, nothing to worry about but I don't know how much longer I'm going to continue with the str8.

healing nicely:biggrin: ,
Ron Strawsburg

I still use straight razors, but I won't use a spike anymore...just couldn't seem to stay focused on where the "point" was...which was usually drawing blood somewhere!

LOL yep, Randy nailed it! Spikes will bite if you're not paying attention. Same thing happened to me awhile back, and gave me a new respect for spikes near the ears. Round points reduce the threat considerably.

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