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E Type, Schick not Jaguar

I took the plunge with a Schick injector this morning and was happily given as good a shave as I have had in the last few weeks. I have a couple of E types, with the ivory bakelite handles, I picked up in grab bags. I had already removed the old blades and cleaned them the week I purchased them. I saw a pack of injector blades at CVS yesterday and I decided to give one of the E types a test spin. I never have use an injector before but I remembered my Mom used one to shave her legs in the sixties.

Had a little difficulty with getting the blade inserted as the slide bar in the CVS unit kept jumping the blade but finally got the blade loaded. I had read that the CVS blades were not the best but proceeded on the old adage " smoke um if you got um". Used Ogallala Bay Rum as my soap this morning, did a three pass shave, my normal routine, and got a great shave. No reason this razor can't be included in the rotation.

Have a Type I that I will try later in the week and a Schick Stick (4 Speed) that probably needs a test drive.

Do all the Schick's shave basely the same, as they all use the same blades? I read that some folks are using injector blades they have to cut down, are there any better blades that don't require cutting to fit?
some people use feather artist club blades which they cut down,

from what i hear, the first gen injectors, which are the magazine repearter razors are horrible shavers, the the middle ones, E to J are good, and the latter ones are somewhat less agressive,
I like the Schick brand blades I buy on Amazon.com. The things seem to stay sharp forever. The one currently in my L model is on it's seventh or eighth shave I think. I don't get that many shaves out of my DE blades. For my face, the E models are a tad too aggressive.