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'E Pif An EE'

"a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization"

Hi Guys
I fell into the dark side of "cart and gel"
Now I don't have to do the school run any more and have extra minutes in the morning...
I opened the den door, it has been closed for maybe 6 years !!
Such amazing stuff
Started off with Feather razor and blade and tabac

WOW felt so good, can't want for the next shave.

After 6 years in the wilderness....

There is so much amazing kit on the market, razors and soaps and......

Why did I ever leave ??
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Moderator Emeritus
Beats me. It doesn't take much longer to use a safety and soap than cartridge and goo. I just cut out all the unnecessary faffing around and lather on my face from a soap stick, and I'm done in under five minutes.

On days where I have time I might use a straight and more time with products, etc. But on a regular rushed day, bing bang, boom. And I still get a great shave.

No excuses for a cartridge.


The Aussie Bulldog
I’m glad that you saw the light and came back to us. We’re happy to have you back from the wilderness.
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