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I have noticed that a few on B&B have or are considering E-Bikes.

I built one about 18 months ago here in Cebu, Philippines from parts I imported from China.
I bought everything new:

26" allow frame mountain bike
1000W x 48V brushless DC rear wheel motor
48V 36A control box
48v x 16.5Ahr SLA batteries
All accessories

All up, it was a little over USD 500.

SLA batteries, although heavy and bulky, where chosen due to availability and cost. Once they die, I will get similar in lithium type batteries.
After successfully building my e-bike, I did similar for a friend of mine with his trisikad. After 18 months of daily use and charging, it is still going strong.
Again, 1000W motor, 48V 16.5Ahr SLA batteries, etc.. That is a 20" rear wheel.