Dutch oven German dinner

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    Threw some sauerkraut, onions, hunked up 'taters, some grilled smoked sausage from our pig, and a sliced up apple in the pot.

    DSC_0003 (2).JPG

    Put some heat to it for about an hour or so.

    DSC_0007 (2).JPG

    I think we are done.

    DSC_0012 (2).JPG

    Turned out to be a fairly decent dinner.

    DSC_0013 (2).JPG
  1. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    Looks good. I see you have a nice shaded area for outside cooking.
  2. It looks great, but is that a Dutch oven?
  3. Yes Chris, I waited for the shade to get to the right spot before I started a charcoal fire...it's full time summer here now.

    That's about 10 feet from my front porch. I hear an armadillo digging under the house right now...little monsters. The raccoon didn't show up tonight though...or hasn't yet.

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  4. Yes, it most certainly is. It's a cast iron outdoor camp Dutch oven with legs on it to let the coals underneath get air and a rim on the lid to keep the coals on top contained. I have several different sizes, for what different things I want to cook in one. I didn't want to start a wood fire tonight and use the coals from that so I just started some charcoal.

    Clean up tonight was easy...not near the gunkus that a stew leaves in the bottom or on the sides. Lookin' good now.

    DSC_0003 (2).JPG
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  5. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    It's mid winter here and looking for the sun, funny that.
    Those wild animals must love the smell of your cooking.
  6. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Great looking meal, I don't have a Dutch Oven...yet!
  7. Looks like you need to get one then. :)

    I don't know what's available there, but that one is a Lodge. You probably don't have access to the old Griswold ones that are no longer in production. I have a nice Griswold skillet of Mom's. That's if you want a cast iron one or maybe another finish for indoor cooking. They make cast iron indoor Dutch ovens that have a domed lid on them.

    The lids don't need as much attention as the pot does, but I just got finished heating up the lid to that one and putting a thin bit of Crisco on it...nice and shiny now.
  8. djh

    djh Moderator Emeritus

    A dutch oven is not necessarily what I would reach for in the middle of summer, but that does look good Mike.
  9. Looks fantastic. I find some of the simplistic foods have the best flavor.

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  10. Look like some good eats

    Do you have a special trick or procedure when they get super funked up? I use kosher salt and elbow music on my cast
  11. That's my standard for getting the stuck on gunk out...kosher salt and a plastic scrubby pad.

  12. The raccoon did show up . It can be seen easily.

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