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    Jut wondering if anyone has had any luck with using a Feather or despined Gem blade with these razors.
    Here I thought OneBlade came up with this design from the way they talked.
    What a laugh... I believe I been had ... ROFLMAO .... it won't be the last time I am sure.

  1. Well I will answer my own question.
    The short answer looks to be no.
    I just got a look at what the blades look like and it looks like it would be hard to get them to match.
    This is exactly what OneBlade wanted to do.
    Have a razor that you had to come to them for blades.
    Not a bad idea if you can make it work.
    Durham Enders couldn't do it.
    However on that same note, Apple did it.

    The hunt continues :a24:
  2. I thought of swapping the head due to their awesome handle. Some my say it's blasphemy.
  3. The Ender had a blade with hooks on both sides which was an important part in securing the blade. Very proprietary design and I haven't heard of anyone successfully coming up with a substitute. Same with the original Durham Duplex blades where the modern choices are double edge carpet cutter blades or special pathology blades that cost a mortgage payment and only comes in 100 blade boxes.
  4. That handle doesn't come off.

  5. Those are cool razors. Very art deco. I have had and sold a couple. I'd love to try them for a shave, but no blades.
  6. :idea:Hmmmmm well that puts the kibosh on that idea. How is the head held on? :001_huh:
  7. Looks like a rivet, or a nail, or a screw with no slot.
  8. Rivets I think
  9. Enders Speed, Schick Super Stainless Injector, My Father's Face #3. Excellent mild shave . I love the design of the Enders.

    This hack uses an Enders blade with the edge trimmed off as a shim to help secure the injector blade in place. Since there are no blade stops you have to eyeball exposure in setting the Injector blade in place, mild to wild.

    This is not hard.


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  10. Huh. That's a great idea. Here I've been figuring on how to get a shave with my Enders Christy and have contemplated honing or stropping or some combo of this with the NOS blades but this beats that idea rather handily. Just trim down the blade and go with the injector. Thanks for sharing! Mild to wild, indeed! I'm a try that as quick as I can get something to trim down that blade.
  11. It's unlikely you'll be able to trim the old Enders blade cleanly but it doesn't much matter as long as you get the edge off.

    FYI I haven't gotten this to work as well in the Christy type but in the Speed it's easy.

    One additional note, there is some very small variation in the length of Injector blades and I've found some are a bit too snug to fit. Trial and error.

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  12. Thanks for the tips. I'm going to get cracking on my new Enders Christy Injector. I would think given the way the clamp slides from the back, it maybe adds an element of difficulty getting it all to fit together, but I think I'll be able to get something to shave with and the reality is, it can't be much worse than the NOS blades which didn't cut at all.
  13. Magnificent shave with the Enders Speed/Schick Proline.[​IMG]
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    At tryablade.com you can buy individual blades for this razor.
  15. Schick Proline would be vastly superior, any modern blade would not be a shaving blade. Got a link? I don't see them at tryablade, I do see the Durham Duplex which are different blades but am not aware of a modern substitute for the Enders.
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    Sorry, I misread you. I was referring to the Duplex bladers.
  17. I get my Personna pathology blades from Quick Medical - 100 blades for around $28 plus shipping. Not cheap, but not prohibitive imo. I get 6-8 shaves per blade in my Durham Dorset, using it like an SE, flipping the blade around after each shave and stropping every other shave.
  18. Another new razor for me - the very art-deco Enders Speed Razor. The wavy handle doesn't just look cool - it feels really good in the hand. I got the razor for US$8.50, and when I cleaned off the years of soap scum, underneath was a shiny razor with no plating loss. It cleaned up beautifully.

    This razor takes proprietary blades that are no longer in production or easily available. A Personna injector blade almost fits, but a few passes with a metal file to narrow the long axis makes the blade slide in perfectly. Even though it now fits, there's nothing to hold it in, so the razor is still useless.

    The solution is an original blade. Grind off the shaving edge and use what's left as a "retainer" to hold the injector blade in. Spring tension holds the injector blade in, but since the razor has no stops, you have to eyeball getting the exposure you want and making it even. It's like having an adjustable exposure Schick Injector - you can dial it in to exactly the aggression you like.

    Enough blah blah blah ... how does it shave? Un-freaking-believable! It reminds me of a Type E2 Injector with an extremely ergonomic handle, but much more efficient while maintaining smoothness. That being said, that's probably because I dialed in more exposure than the stock blade would have had. Setting the blade a bit further away from the guard would tame it a bit, but I like it right where it is. As-is, I'd put the efficiency right at the ER 1914 and Shovelhead, i.e. at the top of the safety razor spectrum.

    This razor can make all my Injectors obsolete. Thanks to @jmudrick for posting about this wonderful razor and for sending me an original blade so I could use it.
  19. Happy to share the love. I agree once you get the Proline dialed in you can't really beat it. I do enjoy it more than my E2.

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