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Dunhill for Men - What's a good substitute?

I've used Dunhill for Men aftershave for over 30 years (and I'm lucky enough to have a few bottles left). Dunhill, as some may know, discontinued it a while ago. Can anyone suggest a substitute?

My confession of ignorance: I have no idea what its composition is. I've just always enjoyed its understated - and, I think, decidedly masculine - scent.

Mike Bradley
If there is a store called TJ Maxx where you live, try them. I bought a bottle about a month ago at the TJ Maxx here in Charlotte. I believe I paid $14.95 for it. I do like the scent and it cools nicely. Our TJ Maxx carries a fair selection of aftershaves and colognes for very reasonable prices.

Tony Espo
Thanks Randy; basenote.net is indeed a very informative site:


It turns out that the top notes are lemon, clary sage, petitgrain, and lavender; the middle notes are rose, jasmine, orris, and carnation; the base notes cedarwood, vetiver, tonka, and leather: stuff I'd never have known - I just know I like the result.

And thanks Tony and roughrider for the suggestion to check T.J. Maxx. However, what they now have in stock is Dunhill spray Eau de Cologne, Dunhill's current product. I think I was lucky to have got what I believe was Dunhill New York's last 18 bottles of Dunhill for Men aftershave (previously known as Dunhill Classic). And, happily, I still have a few left!
I am reading the bottle of Dunhill that I have and it isn't a spray. It is a splash on and it says it is after shave ( apres-rasage ) on the bottle. 100ml 3.4 FLoz, Alfred Dunhill, London SW1Y 60DL. On the bottom is says produced in the Neatherlands. This is the TJ Maxx stuff I was speaking of that cost $14.95.

Tony Espo
Hello Tony,

That's the one, all right - and that's 60% off! I'll try other T.J. Maxx locations in the S.F. Bay Area. Thanks again for the tip.
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