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Duluth EJ vs C&E EJ Best Badger

I have mentioned the EJ Best Badger I got from Duluth Trading Co. for Christmas a couple of times. Today, I picked up a C&E Best Badger and thought you all might want to see them together.

The first picture is the test lather station and KMF Cool Mint cream that I used for the tests. Picture 2 is two squirts on the KMF pump. Picture 3 is the EJ from Duluth full of lather. Picture 4 is the C&E EJ with the same amount of KMF. The final picture is the two brushes after cleanup.

I like the EJ from Duluth a lot. The C&E is very similar with the handle being slightly smaller. The Duluth EJ is softer, but that may be from use. Both brushes are excellent buys! Good job EJ!

After using both brushes, I like the EJ Best Badger better than the C&E
brush! The C&E hair is stiffer, on the verge of scratchy. The EJ brush has much softer and feels better on my face. Otherwise, they are very close
to being equal brushes.
I have a C&E BB on the way (will be my second brush) so I am following any of these threads with interest.

I love the Crock-ette idea! I never even though of something like that!
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