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Duke Cannon Solid Cologne???

Hey All...

Has anyone tried Duke Cannon Solid Cologne? Longevity/Sillage? Worth it??

I have never tried a solid cologne and how much do you apply? Is it better or worse than a bottle of cologne?

All thoughts please post.


I have the Naval Supremacy, Bourbon and Oak, and Redwood scents. Along with some Cremo solids.
To use it, just lightly press a finger into it. It will melt onto the finger. I usually apply half a finger to each side of my neck, and half a finger to each wrist.
Sillage is low. Like, just beyond hugging distance. The scent lasts for 5-6 hours for me.
It's really good for on-the-move. Trains, airplanes, buses, subway? Work, gym, visiting a friend and want to freshen up? Just throw it in your car/ backpack/ briefcase / pocket and go.
It will melt if left in a car in the summer, but it will re-harden.


I saw the Duke display with various solid colognes at a nearby general merch store. Seemed nice but not especially different from other green colognes. Cannot speak to spillage or longevity.

Recently got my tin of Duke Cannon Solid Cologne Land. Used it three times so far. I love the sent but, unsure of how much to put on. So far it has lasted about three hours for me. Still experimenting so hopefully it will get better.

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