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Duke Cannon Soap?

Has anyone used this company's products? 10oz bars for $7-$8? Their marketing seems aimed toward someone who might carry a hatchet around on his belt, because "ya never know when you might need to cut up some kindling" or possibly toward a gent that will solely drive Ram trucks because Sam Elliot said so. Cheesy marketing aside, it seems like a good value for such large bars. Does anyone have anything (good or bad) to say about this stuff?
No sir, but I've been eyeballing their stuff on and off for quite a while now. Good marketing, but I haven't heard anything good or bad about the products. Someone posted a similar question a month or two ago but I never saw if they actually purchased and used it.

You can be the guinea pig!
I bought a 5-pack of the "black" scent a few years ago. The smell and performance are great, but I find that they stain the shower tub black unless I scrub it down pretty hard every week, so I haven't made it through more than one of the bars. May or may not be an issue with the other colors, and definitely shouldn't be an issue with the white/mint bars.
Had my eye on the "black".... I'm not so sure I'm a big fan of hearing about it staining your shower. That's a turn off for me. I will be trying their "white" mint soap though. Thank you, sir, for that heads up and for the replies, gentlemen. I'll be the "guinea pig" haha!
This thread reminded me of Duke Cannon. I'm down to two or three bars of soap and will need to reload again shortly. This will be my next purchase as far as soaps go. I'll go with the mint.
I couldn't find the ingredients of the soap listed anywhere on the site. I like to know what's in something before rubbing it on my skin.
I couldn't find the ingredients of the soap listed anywhere on the site. I like to know what's in something before rubbing it on my skin.
For some reason they buried the ingredients listing on the "contact" portion of the website:



somehow, sometime got a bar of Duke Cannon hunting soap.
test lather was nice;no detectable scent.
i had no way of testing efficacy of the 'you can't be smelled' claim, however!

duke cannon hunting soap.jpg
I haven't tried their soap, but I did try their "bloody knuckles" hand cream. I was very satisfied with it. I will be buying more, and maybe trying their soap when I re-order.
They have a number of products that have become staples:

- Ice Cold Shave Balm (nice menthol kick)
- Bloody Knuckles
- Bar Soap (I like the minty “Productivity”)
- The “standard issue” face wash