Duke 3 = Lather Hog?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by snip3r, Jan 9, 2012.

    Just gotten my Duke 3 after seeking recommendations here.

    I'm a face latherer and I've been using it for about 5 times.

    The Duke 3 is pretty densed hence good back bone, slight scritchyness but I believe it will be soft and luxurious when time to come.

    I'm using Cella at the moment ( I do have Palmolive, Tabac cream and L`occitane Soap ) and the "biggest" problem that I'm experiencing right now is the brush is a lather hog. Is the initial phase of "hog lathering" normal?

    I was wondering if it's technique or the Duke is such a problem child or it requires some seasoning? Approx how many times should I use such that the Duke will open up and be more generous to the owner.

    Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  1. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Just use more product- up to 3x what you were using before.
  2. The Dukes are not so dense that they are lather hogs. They are a very well balanced design.
  3. My technique with the cella as follows.

    Lather on a fairly dry brush after flicking about 25s. Face lather and dipping on a little bit of water when it feels dry.

    Is this technique ok?
  4. htownmmm

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    My Chubby 2 initially appeared to be a lather hog when I first received it and used it. However, Jim is right-use more product initially when breaking in these brushes. Their density means more hairs which means more product.

    Once I got over a month's worth of lathering w/ the Chubby, I can swirl on a shave soap for 30 seconds and produce loads of lather. Prior to that time, I would load the brush for 60 seconds. Everything I've heard about Cella is that it too produces great lather, so it may be your amount of product(or lack thereof) or the amount of water in the brush also.

    Stick w/ one of your soaps and once you can get that one to lather up, you'll be able to adjust what you are doing when you use a different soap w/ your Duke.

  5. I just recently received and started using Simpson Colonel X2L, which, in terms of knot size and loft, can be considered the Duke 2.5. At first I found it to be a bit of hog also, but that quickly subsided. The brush retains enough lather for a second and sometimes third pass. I would suggest you use a more soap or cream and let her rip...you'll be glad you did.
  6. Give it some time to break in. It will give it up readily soon enough.
  7. I have a Duke 1 and one of the reasons I like it is because it lathers so easily, and gives up the lather so easily ... and of course becasuse it feels so nice on my face
  8. What brush did you use before the Duke 3?

  9. Sure do ;)

  10. I'm rotating between a EJ Medium Best Badger ( broken in ) and also a Vulfix 404 Hybrid ( breaking in ).

    The EJ is not really dense, I would rate it like 60% of Duke 3 and it releases easier than the Duke3
  11. This morning I used the Tabac cream and I use 50% ( about 1.5 inch ) and I was able to product slick and thick lather. I use a bit more product, normally I was using about an inch.
  12. I hear the Duke 3 is a terrific brush. I have the Duke 1 and it was a hog for the first dozen to two dozen shaves but then began to open up nicely. It's the best small brush I've tried.

    The best all round brush I have is my Savile Row 3324 - it lathers and releases it so easily it almost (but not quite) takes the fun out of it. It's unbelievable with soaps and creams but has softer tips than the Duke.

  13. Do you mean when one seasons it the brush will open up and hence, lather is easily released?

  14. Yes, just give the brush time to break in. Reserve judgement for at least two weeks of everyday use. I don't think you'll need to use more product than you did with your other brushes after a couple of weeks. Also the tips sometimes soften up too for a less scritchy feel, given some time - but that often takes longer.

    The break-in period doesn't always apply. For example my Savile Row and my Thater were performing at peak right out of the box. But the Simpson knots are made with hair that lends itself to a break-in period.
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  15. Usage #7

    Used Cella, load the brush with about 20 swirls on a soaked duke 3 but removed some water. I face lather and it started off a bit thick then dipped it with some water occasionally when it's dry ( I didn't overdip ). Lather getting better. I tried to do a 3rd pass but I have to squeeze the lather out to apply.

    Did I apply enough product? Is the water sufficient?
  16. I would shake the water hard out of the brush before loading the soap. Work the relatively dry lather into your skin so it's like a thick film with no bubbles. Give that 10-15 seconds at least. Then dip the very tip of your brush into some warm water and work the lather for another 10 seconds. Keep adding water like that - just a few drops at a time - until the lather is thick and creamy like dense whipped cream.

    If your brush is too wet to start, it's very hard to add enough soap to get a good lather. Always better to start with a drier brush until you know what the sweet spot is for the soap you're using.

    20 swirls is moderate or even low if you're trying to find the right mix for a particular brush/soap combo. I'd try as high as 40 - that should be enough - and eventually you might be able to scale back to 20 or less when the brush is thoroughly broken in.

    The good news is Cella is a very good soap that lasts an incredibly long time. If you bought the kilo brick, I would be surprised if you got through it in less than a year - or even two.

    Good luck!

  17. Just bought my first Duke. Can't wait for it to get here
  18. Don't panic! My 2 month old Duke 3 took about a dozen uses for it to "break in". Prior to that, it was a bit of a lather hog, now it's now a lather machine and my go to brush. I simply love it!

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