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FS Duke 3 2 Band Silvertip, Mozingo ZT4 28mm

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Hello fellow B&Ber’s

I am thinning my den again and offering some great prices on a few incredible brushes:

Duke 3, 2 Band Silvertip I think this is the best knot that Simpson offers, soft tips nice backbone, it is just a little smaller knot than I prefer. Paid $265.00 just a month ago asking $200.00

Mozingo ZT4 28mm, this is by far one of the better knots out there, I have two so I am selling one, very soft tips, dense but lather flows easily. Paid $245.00 on Black Friday normally $295.00 asking $200.00

Payments using PayPal, shipping covered for CONUS, will ship elsewhere if buyer pays the difference.

I know it is just after Christmas but these are incredible deals and my shave equipment is kept in immaculate condition


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