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Dual Comb Recommendations

Let me preface my question with some background. I am a fan of the Ikon #101 Shavecraft Dual Comb(DC), I also own the Ikon B1--like it a lot too just a tad to aggressive for constant use so I save it for special occasions. I have sensitive skin and regular beard growth. I shave every 2 or 3 days, can't shave on consecutive days I get irritation. I have been in a 6 year sabbatical-- I have more razors than I need and enough brushes for my whole neighborhood.

I just bought a Razorock Lupo .72 for Xmas, the package just arrived, and now I am kicking myself for not ordering the DC plate for the Lupo as well. Here are my questions for those that have tried these DCs

  1. How aggressive is the Lupo open comb side compared to the Shavecraft and the B1?
  2. Have you tried the Ikon OG1? How does it compare the the two razors mentioned?

So I like the DCs because I can do a with the grain pass with the aggressive side and the use the close comb side for the other 2 passes. This works well for me.

I do not have the Shavecraft or the B1. I only have the Lupo dual comb. For me it is hard to tell much difference between the OC side and the SB side. I like to use open comb razors, but i do not think they add that much/if an in terms efficiency (in general if the gap is equal). In my opinion the main advantage of using an OC is lather flow. It also makes sense to not push down the hair in front of the blade.
I wish Razorock would make a pure OC 0.95 base plate. The SB 95 side is really nice.
I'm also considering the Dual Comb Lupo.
Maybe this post will encourage more discussion.

Anyone else have experience with the Dual Comb?
It would be my first, and wondering if this would be worthwhile - or if this would be more of a distraction compared to getting a razor with open combs on both sides.
I have the Ikon OSS, B1 Standard and Tek. I understand the OSS is the same as the 101, but in stainless steel.

I generally prefer a more aggressive razor. I found the OSS to be too mild to be useful. The OC side is even milder than the SB side. I think dual comb razors are even more of a gimmick than slants.

The B1 Standard is one of my favourite razors. The Tek is too aggressive, even for me. I just use it for a final touch up occasionally.
Going out on a limb here. Have you considered the Henson AL13 Medium or the Henson Ti Medium? Absolutely spectacular shaves (to me) and I get to shave everyday.
try the yaqi mellon head with a heavy handle. I have sensitive skin too, agressive razors cut so well, but more irritation.
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